Turtle Island

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Turtle Island, Fiji

Our view of the world is different than most. Branding and design attitudes at the time in 1989
were for “far away” destinations to look…familiar—the same as a resort in say—Miami Beach.
We changed that. Turtle Island is a distinctively Fijian resort with Fijian food, Fijian accommo-
dations, Fijian staff, Fijian attitudes and Fijian sense of time (sloooow). Our mission was to distill
Turtle’s unique indigenous roots and present to the world a delightfully Fijian destination with a
Fijian guest experience. And in doing so—changed the way Fijian and other Island destinations
present and market their image. We worked directly with island owner Richard Evenson who
qualifies as a genius, mad scientist, comedian, humanitarian, environmentalist and tinker of
the social sciences. We fell in love with Turtle, becoming intimate with
Nadi International Airport in the process. Bula! Vinaka.